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Hey! I'm Colin

I am a web developer based out of Toronto. I enjoy challenging myself and strive to make websites that are technical, responsive, and sleek in design. I have recently completed a Front-End Development Bootcamp at HackerYou and I am looking forward to new and exciting opportunities.


Some of the computer languages I know and work with.


Some of the coding tools I like to work with

My Work

Doggy API-Project

A Web App I built with the talented Sarah Hamdi and Olivia Choy using the Petfinder and Google GeoCoding API. Help old dogs find good homes!

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JQuery Quiz

This is an internet matchmaker quiz I built with the amazing Jess Roycroft and Meagan Carriers to help you find which Justin Trudeau persona is right for you!

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Responsive Design

This is a responsive, mobile friendly website I built at HackerYou based off of a design template for a Bakery! Yum.

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React Meal Planner App

A full-stack meal planner application built using React, Node.js, and MongoDB. Helps you keep track of your food inventory, create recipes, and plan meals for the week.

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